“Terrie’s insight into the complex nature of the program coupled with her unparalleled professionalism, affable nature and willingness to "meet mission" had a direct impact on the success of the program…I will actively seek out Dr. Nolinske's services in the future. Truly a "top 1% performer" and somebody I want on my team in a difficult situation.”

Scott Heintz
Dir. of VetConnect Enable America Tampa, Florida




TNI Consultants LLC identifies problems and provides solutions -- improving services, products and people. A Woman Business Enterprise, TNI Consultants LLC

  • gathers feedback from stakeholders in your business to evaluate the impact of services, products and people;

  • designs and implements outcome-based planning and evaluation to assess sealservice or program effectiveness;

  • researches and writes handbooks, training manuals, grants, reports and text for museum graphics to save you time;

  • designs and presents custom education and training programs to keep your team up to date and support your risk management initiatives; and

  • ensures your staff can successfully interact with people who have disabilities, your physical facility complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and your business materials are converted into alternative formats to bring new audiences through your door.

All services are client-centered, professional and of high quality. Let TNI Consultants identify solutions for you based on best practice benchmarks in your industry.


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