"Dr. Nolinske provides excellent content for our readers.
Her writing is
always engaging,
well-researched, and highly accurate."

Shawn Devlin
Marketing Analyst
National Business Research Institute
Addison, Texas







Words and ideas are important! Finding the right words and ideas takes time. So does researching that new project.

TNI Consultants LLC saves you time and applies its award-winning capabilities to research, write and edit your:
  • annual reports or indices
  • blog articles
  • case studies
  • curricula
  • exhibit concepts and exhibition guides
  • feature stories
  • grants
  • interpretive copy for museum graphics and exhibits
  • PowerPoint slides
  • teacher's guides
  • training materials

Terrie Nolinske, Ph.D. is an award-winning writer whose engaging style stimulates interest; her meticulous research ensures accuracy. She is an elected member of the National Association of Science Writers, with over 150 publications to her credit in books, consumer magazines, peer-reviewed journals and newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune.



“Writing a Research Proposal”, by Terrie Nolinske, was the 3rd best article published in the Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics, 8(4), 132-138 in 1996.

Writing samples include:

•   (Un)Customer Service pdf
•   HR Management PowerPoints pdf
•   Minimize Errors in Questionnaires pdf
•   AAM Peer Review, Communication pdf
•   Seal Exhibit Interpretives pdf
•   AccessAbility Supplement, The Tampa Tribune pdf
•   Guidelines for Assisting People with Disabilities pdf



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